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There’s nothing quite like the energy during a great presentation. You feel like you can change the world.

I’ve felt it watching other great speakers and teachers do their thing. And that’s why I strive to give audiences big and small that same energy at my events.

My secret is simple -- I openly offer what I know and love, share lessons I’ve learned through both success and failures, and make sure everyone walks away with at least one actionable insight, inspired to make a change.

Speaking Services

  • Keynote address
  • Workshops / Lunch & Learns
  • Panel Moderation
  • Meeting Facilitation

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Keynote Topics

Here’s a short list of some my most requested speaking topics. Many of these are ideal for an optional workshop to truly put the ideas into action.

7 Growth Killers & How to Stop Them

In one of my most popular presentations, I explore seven of the most common obstacles to growth. And, I share solutions on how to solve them or avoid them entirely. 

Is Your Growth Engine Working? How To Assess Your Growth Performance

If your company is not growing as planned, you’ll know it and feel it. But, you may not know why. In this presentation, I share how to conduct a simple growth assessment to identify what’s not working, offer solutions on how to fix it and share come case studies.

Empathy & Irrational: 2 Insights That Will Change Your Marketing Forever

What do your customers really want? How do you know? If you don’t know what people want, you’ll never be able to sell them anything. In this presentation, I’ll share how combining two simple forces can fundamentally and powerfully change your business.

Prove it: Why Customers Will Buy From You

“Don’t take my word for it.” We’ve all heard that time and again on TV ads. In this presentation, I share why those words offer an important clue to earning a new customer’s business and how to prove your product or service is the best choice. 

HolePunch It! Harness The Power of Negative Thinking

Launching a new product or service? Staring a new company? That’s great! But is it really a good idea? How do you know? Before you do, learn how to harness the power of negative thinking with my Hole Punch technique to help make your product even better, save yourself time and money, and maybe even save you from failure. 

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