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It’s Time To Thrive

Every business needs a growth plan. Have you ever stayed awake thinking about how to increase your revenues and expand your customer base but haven’t cracked the code?

Are you afraid your competition is beating you at your own game? Even if you love strategy and marketing, finding the time to focus on your growth plan while busy running your business seems impossible. So, how do you get it done, make it great and keep all of the other balls in the air?

Introducing The Thrive Workshop Series

Finally, there is a better way.  The Thrive Workshop Series from Kinney Strategy gives you direct access to and mentoring from Kinney Strategy’s founder, Tim Kinney, a proven growth consultant. Thrive Workshops give you the step-by-step convenience of a DIY online course with the real-time guidance and support from a trusted consultant. The Thrive Workshop Series helps you identify and evaluate more growth options and make better informed strategic decisions for your business. In just 10 weeks, you will have a powerful plan for profitable growth. 

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